Corporate Armor Acquired by Tiversa


One of the nation's leading IT security providers, Corporate Armor of Charlotte, NC, is delighted to announce the completion of its acquisition by Tiversa of Pittsburgh, PA.

​​Founded in 2011 by successful IT entrepreneur, Thomas Schiffers, Corporate Armor now provides both US based and overseas IT professionals with the fullest possible range of top quality analytics, data storage, firewall and network information security; retailing products from more than 30 trusted brands including Fortinet, Cisco, Meraki, Check Point, EMC, Sophos, Dell Storage and SonicWALL.

In 2010, Corporate Armor’s founder and CEO, Thomas Schiffers, sold his first IT start-up, SanDirect, which he had run since 1994. Building on that success, Corporate Armor’s leadership team now has more than 25 years of industry experience and prides itself on offering expert advice and personal consultations which address its customers’ precise needs.

In 2015, the Charlotte Business Journal rated Corporate Armor #3 in its list of the best small businesses to work at in Charlotte. The company was also ranked 10th of the 50 fastest growing businesses and became a Google Trusted Store.

Founded in 2004, Tiversa's longstanding mission has been to collect information in areas of the Internet considered difficult to monitor and index. Tiversa has accumulated an expertise in the Deep Web over the past decade and works to provide cyber threat intelligence, remediation and risk mitigation for global businesses, governments, law enforcement agencies and individuals.

At a time when customers of even the most high profile and well protected businesses are increasingly concerned about the security of their personal data and financial accounts, it’s a deal which makes great sense and compliments Tiversa’s expertise and strategic direction.

Thomas Schiffers of Corporate Armor also commented on the acquisition.  "I could not be more pleased with the outcome of this deal,” said Schiffers.  “It’s all about timing, and after four years of building the business, I knew it was time.  The economy was healthy and the business was thriving.  Selling the business was the natural next step.”
“It’s nice being able to watch your business grow into something bigger than you ever imagined.  It’s your baby, and you hope it will continue to thrive with the next owner,” Schiffers concluded.

Tiversa has confirmed that it plans to continue the expansion of Corporate Armor and to help it develop opportunities within this rapidly growing business sector.

Source: Tiversa